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The secondary purpose of this website is to make available TRUTH which deals with the health of America. My purpose is to collect published information on moral, freedom, and common sense issues facing us today and provide a place you can refer to in discussions with others. I am particularly interested in providing access to information which the public, in general, might not be aware of. I do not add any article that, in my judgment, is not true. I would appreciate notification to if anyone finds any information not meeting that criteria.

Also if you become aware of good articles dealing with problems we as citizens of the US are facing regarding our freedom (religious and otherwise), and right vs wrong (i.e. morality issues), please send me a copy or a link to the article to for my consideration.

Significant issues
for America

Thought Provoking Videos/Articles about America's values and the downslide of our American culture

Climate change (man made)??/Global Warming??-Fact or Scam

Porn; Homosexual Behaviour/Same-sex marriage/Sexual Immorality: A Primary Cause of the Breakup of the American Family and the downfall of our nation

Physical world happenings which provide a threat to mankind


The Refugee Resettlement Threat to America

Does US Immigration help the poor of the world in a significant way?

Muslims a major threat to freedom in America! Mohammed/the Ideology of Islam? Pedophilia fetish?

Abortion?? Evolution?? What is right???

Articles pertaining to the leftist Transgender nonsense

Good/Bad Governments

Government Corruption and Liberalism and resulting impact on the freedoms of American Citizens

EPA - Environment Protection Agency's impact on the freedoms of American Citizen

our need for nuclear energy power plants

Common Core? What should you know? Great presentation by Dr. Duke Pesta

Kahn Academy - Free Online school offering great learning potential - learn about it

Obama? Who is he? What is Obama doing to America?? Status???

Black vs White
Articles on who promotes Division based on skin color

Important factors for raising normal children

Understand America's debt

Unique commencement speeches!

Rational People Fear Big Government, Not Big Business
By Dennis Prager

truth about the LDS Mormon Cult

significant changes are coming to America!


Check the "news" for my current activity to update this site. I have a lot of work that I plan to do adding bible lessons.

I continue to add, almost daily, to "restyoureyes" and to this section, "usprob" , because much of the input I receive through email. I try to remember to describe additons in "news".

I always appreciate good articles concerning the health of our country.

Web sites who add a link to searchforbiblicaltruth (.com or .org) to provide the bodacious biblical lessons in the
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do so with the understanding that their link does not imply necessary agreement or disagreement with articles in the adjacent links.

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"Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid."
- Psalms 12:1 -

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and it looks like work."
- Thomas Edison -

"Like snow in summer
and like rain in harvest,
So honor is not fitting for a fool."
- Psalms 26:1 -

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