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Thought provoking videos/articles that have crossed my bow.

    Dennis Prager discusses his new book, Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triump and What are American Values


    Lou Holtz explains the Situation we are in

    The Religion of The Left: Dennis Prager on The American Mind

    Why Don’t Republicans Name the Enemy?

    If God Is Dead...

    "Sex Change" Surgery: What Bruce Jenner, Diane Sawyer, and You Should Know

    Should We Boycott Target?

    Liberty at Risk

    Rights Versus Wishes

    Everything Is A Value

    Dennis Prager's Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse

    A Night At the Palladium: Dennis Prager - Happiness is Not a Feeling: It's a Moral Obligation

    A Note to Conservatives Who Are Secular

    Myths, Lies and Capitalism

    America's Socialist Origins (they failed)

    Government: Is it Ever Big Enough?

    Are Electric Cars Really Green?

    Did Bush Lie About Iraq?

    A Reagan Forum with Dennis Prager - 5/1/12

    Dennis Prager brilliantly articulates what is wrong with America today

    Where Do Good and Evil Come From?

    Sex an the Power of the Visual

    LEFT AND RIGHT DIFFERENCES (a 5 part series)
        • How Big Should Government Be??
        • Does it Feel Good or Does it Do Good?
        • How Do You Judge America?
        • How Do You Deal With Painful Truths?
        • How Do We Make Society Better?

    Gay Marriage - Dennis Prager

    The Missing Tile Syndrome - Dennis Prager

    "To anger a conservative, lie to him.. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth" - Theodore Roosevelt

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