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Dog Kissing a Cat

Mollie kissing Gabby

Picture of dog kissing a cat

This is a picture of Mollie, one of our two Yorkies, at one of her favorite activities. The cat, Gabby, was full grown when Mollie was a puppy. Mollie, an in-door dog, has an unusual attachment to Gabby, an out-door cat. When Mollie sees Gabby through our glass door, she makes a mighty ruckus to get out. When let out she rushes to Gabby, throws her front paws around her neck, and kisses her with vigor (her tail wagging mightily). This occurs multiple times a day and what surprises me is that over the years she has not lost enthusiasm for the event. Gabby mostly endures the attention and often comes looking for the dogs. This picture captures Mollie during one of those events.

When we visit our daughter who has two cats, Mollie does not understand why those cats (or any cats she meets for that matter) do not accept her favors which she is quite willing to bestow.

There are other pictures of Mollie and Maggie in Rest-Your-Eyes.

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