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audio lessons by Noel Whitlock
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Noel Whitlock

Church Synergism
Genuinely Spiritual
Make a Difference
Equal to the Opportunity
Give God Your Best
The Most Important Person in the Church
Biblical Principles of Encouragement
Why the Church is so Important - Part 1
Why the Church is so Important - Part 2
Go Back, Stand Firm, or Move On
How to Have a Tight-Knit Family
God is Not Like That
The Power of a Vision
Good Intentions Unfulfilled
Not Disobedient to the Vision
Unbelief's Attack on Christianity
I am Nicodemus
The Golden Attitude
Agur's Two Wishes
Count Your Blessings
Facing The Future
The Benefit of Belonging to Jesus
The Future of the College Church
Living Without a Leader
Five Dimensions of Stewardship
The Next Generation
Stewardship, Blessing or Burden
His Unfailing Love
Lost and Found
Who Are These Guys
A No-Frills Lesson on Baptism
Deborah, A Woman of Faith
Gideon, An Unlikely Choice
Add to Your Faith Goodness
Gideon - Steps in Transformation
Add to Your Goodness Knowledge
Add to Your Goodness Knowledge 2
Gideon, Putting Out the Fleece
Add to Your Knowledge Self-Control
Gideon - A Mighty Small Army
Add to Your Self-Control, Perseverance
Gideon, God's Battle Plan
Add to Your Perseverance, Godliness
Gideon, Satan's Counter Attack
Add to Your Godliness, Brotherly Kindness
Add to Your Brotherly Kindness, Love
Gideon, A Sad Ending to a Great Story
Running The Race
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus - a
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus - b
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus - c
I'll Water Your Camels Also
Abimelech - The Thornbush Leader
I Will Tell Your Name - a
I Will Tell Your Name - b
Guilty of Adultery
Because God Loves
Useful to the Master
Jephthah, A Tragic Vow
The Disapearance of Mother's Day
Intro. Reconciled to God
Reconciled to God
Samson, Living Beneath Your Potential
The Voice at the Top of the Mountain
ampson, Flirting With Temptation
Living With a Different Spirit
Sampson, Victory of a Fallen Leader
The Wise Men
Hindrances to Our Faith
Unflattering Pictures of God
Born of God
The Ugliest Story
When They Died
When Mountains Won't Move
The Truth Be Told
Bringing Out the Best in Our Kids
Staying Focused
The Greatest Need at College Church
How to Make the College Church Grow
What Does Faith Look Like
Abraham - Faith and Obedience
Stand Up For Jesus
Come to the Feast
Unnamed Servants
Taking God Seriously
Filled With The Holy Spirit (1)
Taking God's Holiness Seriously
What Fills Your Life
What Fills Your Life
Speaking to One Another
Taking the Power of God Seriously
It's About You, Not Me
This is a Day of Good News
God is the Sender, You Are The Sent
Taking The Will of God Seriously
Practicing the Fine Art of Judging 1
Practicing the Fine Art of Judging 2
Our Position In Christ
Trouble in Paradise
Spiritual Intimidation
Commitment and Keeping Our Promises
Making People Compatable
Making People Compatable
Seeing the Value of Your Mate
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Three Levels of Giving
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
I am Eliab>
Joy to the World Pt.1
Joy to the World Pt.2
Holy Spirit
The Courage of Joseph
The Personan Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Wealth From the Word Pt.1
Wealth From the Word Pt.2
The Secret to Christian Happiness
Let's Try Again
The Beauty and Danger of Gradual Change
Fuel for the Body
Fuel for the Body 2 (James Frank)
Exercise for the Body
Exercise for the Body Pt.2
Secret Sins
What Judas Missed
Why Did Jesus Choose Judas
Protecting the Body - Dr. Citty
Great Inconsistencies
The Serpent in the Desert
Protecting the Body - Pt.2
Meism Weism Theism
Peter's Brother
Love in the Body
Dumber Than a Donkey
Effective People Building
Protecting the Body - Pt.3
The Greatest Generation
Looking Intently at Jesus (With Bruce McLarty)
Giving is Still Done by Hand
John - The Man, Mission and Message
No Ordinary Baptism
No Deal With the Devil
Rock and Role Model Dads
The Good News of the Four Gospels
Faith in the Strangest of Places
Praying Under Pressure
A Day in the Life of the Lord
What Will You Do With Jesus?
How do You see Jesus
The Contrast of the Cross
Why Would Anyone Hate Jesus
The Message of the Empty Tomb
Jesus Chooses and Changes People
Blessedness or Barrenness
Acting Shrewdly
The Unforgivable Sin
They Must First Be Tested
What God Wants You to Know About Him
Secrets of Christian Growth
Your Problem is Not Your Problem
Never Alone
The Other Boats
Our Way Out
Jesus is in Control
Eternal Security
Just Believe
Needs Not Greeds
People Who Carry the Ball
Sharing the Dream
The Church and Politics
The Fate of John the Baptist
Sounds too Good to be True
Spiritual Insight
Forgive and Forget
God Makes It Grow
The Deception of Tradition
Answered Prayer
Bring Your Joy to God
Entering God's Rest
Dealing With the Stress of Debt
Persecution Will Come
A Personal Faith Confession
Our Promises to God
Taking Up Your Cross
Heaven Came Down
Joy to the World
The Mountain and the Valley
David's Mighty Men
Lord's Mighty People, Pt1
Lord's Mighty People, Pt2
Lord's Mighty People, Pt3
Remember When You Were Lost
Live in Harmony
The Best Youth Minister
Overcoming the Power of Guilt
God Hates Divorce
Parable of the Gracious Father
Let the Children Come
Enrolled in the School of Grace
One Thing You Lack
Baptism - A Picture of Grace
Blind Ambition
Another Look at Baptism & Grace
Jesus' Lowly Entrance
A Church of Grace
By What Authority
Amazing Stories of Sacrifice
Growing God's Way
Questions & Answers
James-The Brother of Jesus
I Am Simon of Cyrene
Called to be Saints
Coming in the Clouds
Our Great Salvation
A Beautiful Thing
Other Mothers
What Moms Owe Their Kids
Got Faith
The Last Supper
Faith That Impresses God
The Hour Has Come
Restoring the Ruins of Religion
God's Antidote for Worry
The Heart of Jesus for the Lost
God's Antidote for Busyness
The Forgotten Father
God Bless America Please
God's Antidote for Emotional Baggage
God's Antidote for Emotional Baggage - Pt 2
Spinning Out of Control
God's Antidote for Indicision
Godly Parents Who Give the Example
God's Antidote for Dark Valleys
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
God's Antidote for Hurt
The Myth of More
God's Antidote for Facing the Future
We're Here For You
Strengthen Your Brothers
What Is That in Your Hand
Who is This Jesus
Patience Under Construction
Passion For Souls
Going From Bad to Worse
Your Labor in the Lord
A Test of Faith
A Legacy for Generations to Come
A Legacy for Generations to Come -Pt.2
F.Yeakley - Restoration
One Church
Story of Hiel
Where You Are Standing Is Holy
The Measure of Greatness
D.Kee - God's Mission to Humanity
Jesus - King or Custodian
An Unlikely Source of Provision
The Truth About Forgiveness
When You are Low Again
The Trouble With Forgiveness
Benefit of the Doubt
Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart
The Real Troublemaker
Come Before Winter
A Confused People
Wonderful Counselor
Living A Life With Power
Mighty God
Mighty God
G.Hogan - Serendipity
J.Woodroof - The Gift of Giving
J.Woodroof - The Gift of Giving
Everlasting Father
How God Cures the Blues
How God Cures the Blues
The Esau Syndrome
Prince of Peace
Not For Sale
This is Holy Ground
God At the End of His Rope
This is Holy Ground Pt.2
The Chariot of Fire
T.Alexander - Let Your Light Shine
State of the Church
What's Love Got to do With It
T. Alexander - In The Steps of the Savior>
Zeal for God's Temple
Keeping Our Zeal Strong
he Voice of God
Names Written in Heaven.
A Living Sacrifice
Power to Choose Your Tomorrow
Reasons to be Excited
The Measure of Success
Church Success - What is My Responsibility
Come, Now is the Time to Worship Tk.1
Come, Now is the Time to Worship Tk.2
Bible Classes - A Friendship Factory
Being Humble in a Haughty World
Resurrection - Mission Impossible
D.Smith (Lower Lights)
Jimmy Allen
Connect-Growing Lasting Friendships
Doers of the Word
Ministry - It Takes Work
Bread of Heaven.
What's Most Important
The Principle of Blessing
How Spiritual Growth Happens
Nehemiah - Right Man for the Job
Helping New Christians to Grow
The Other Model Prayer
Changing a Stuborn Heart
Following in The Steps of Jesus
Nehemiah's Formula for Success
Allen Diles - Return to Which Mountain
Donny Lee - Are We Really Free to Go
Mike Justus - How Great the Father's Love
Pat Barber - God Never Forgets
Heal Our Land
Emerging as A Leader
Life is Larger Than Self
H.Riggs - Have You Touched Jesus
The Joy of Sharing
Maintaining Momentum
Raising the Next Generation
Dealing With Discouragement
Living the Blessing
The Struggle Inside the Wall
Kevin Klien - Seven Sunday Nights
A.Diles - God, Daniel and the End of the Exile
M.Claxton - What I Have Learned From Job
The Influence of Jesus
The Parable of the Persistant Widow
Zeal for the Church
he Measure of Mercy
The Problem With Promotions
Forgiving the Unforgivable
Dealing With Distractions
Reservations in Paradise
The Wall is Built---Now What
J.Reese - Six Alls of Evangelism
Final Request of a Dying Son
Water Gate Revival
Left in the Dark
People Who Remember
The Mission
Go All the Way With God
Dying for a Drink
The Problem of Neglect
D.Newsom - Despair, Hope and Rescue
Take Me Home
Shout Heard Around the World
Motivation for Our Giving
Nehemiah's Return to Jerusalem
Stewardship - A Way of Life
Lessons Learned From Nehemiah
Giving That Pleases God
Vertically Chalenged People
Rich Toward God
Freedom's Garments
What if Your Life Depended Upon It
Islam-Gordan Hogan
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
The Man Who Amazed Jesus
How to Have a Tight Knit Family
Where Will You Be
J.Allen - Overview of Romans - 1
J.Allen - Overview of Romans
The Glorious Church
Set Apart for the Gospel
Strong Marriages
The Gospel Promised Long Ago
Surviving Tough Times
Paul's Heart
Heaven Bound
Choosing Church Leaders - 1
The Gospel's Power
Choosing Church Leaders - 2
The Gentiles are Guilty
The Devil is Too Good
The Wrath of God
Fishing With Jesus
Losing My Religion
The Ministry of Refreshment
Leadership in its Simplicity
The Wages of Sin
Credited as Righteousness
Leaders Among God's People
Faith in an Age of Doubt
We Stand in His Grace
The Risk of Loving
Saved By His Life
Grace vs Guilt
Rolled Back the Stone
Alive in Christ
Idenity Theft
Mary - A Real Mother
Some Trust in Chariots
Walking by Faith
Fight With the Flesh - Pt.1
Freedom's Price
Fight With the Flesh - Pt.2
Story of Rejection
Mountain Peaks of Truth
God is Closer than You Think
Truth for Difficult Times
A Father's Discipline
Cycle of God's Comfort
Marriage is God's Idea
Dinner With Sinners
Allen Diles - Seeing With the Eyes of Jesus
More Than Conquerors
Paul Pollard - A Crooked Path to Holiness
Dan Newsom - Growing in Joy and Peace
The Key is Faith
Does God Play Favorites
Starting the Journey
There is Power in the Blood
A Model Church for Modern Tines
Characteristics of Intentional Leaders
People Connected to People
9 - 11 A Day to Remember
9 - 11 A Day to Remember
9 - 11 A Day to Remember
9 - 11 A Day to Remember
One by One
Spiritual Health in Trials
How Beautiful is the Body of Christ
Brand New You
God's Sanctified People
Real Love Pt. 1
Living a Quiet Life
Real Love - Pt.2
Let Those Who Know
Doyle Kee - The Miracle of Change
The Attitude of the Heart
C.Ganus - Growing in Love and Service
Life's Defining Moments
The Death of a Christian
Loving Difficult People
The Power of a Thankful Heart
Our Civic Responsibility
Sleeping in
When Christians Disagree - Pt.1
Best Gifts to the Family
When Christians Disagree - Pt.2
Don't Put Out the Spirit's Fire
Ed Higginbotham
Sermon on the Amount
God Knows You
Bruce Black
Sleeping in Church
Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
The Bad Samaritan
Overflow With Hope
At Your Service
Sharing the Gospel, Blessings & Struggles
aving the Best 'Til Last
Loving the Famiily of God
Lord of the Sabbath
D.Lee - From Darkness to Light-1
From Darkness to Light-2
Nothing Ever Occurs to God
The World's Most Notorious Traitor.
Looking Out For One Another
The Fragrance of Forgiveness
Enduring Unjust Suffering
Miracle At Your Gate
The Healing Touch Pt.1
The Healing Touch Pt.2
Are You a Good Neighbor
Lazarus, It' Time to Come Out
Wisdom in Little Things
The King on the Cross
Message Received
Neighbors Who Never Met
Inspired People
Blessed Are Those Who Are At The End of Their Rope
Following God's Plan
Congregational Alalysis Report
The Investment of Our Time
Mothers Who Make a Difference
A Church That Makes A Difference
Seven Habits of Highly Happy Homes
Staying in Love
God's Door of Opportunity
Raising Godly Kids in an Ungodly World
Courage of Ordinary Men
The Believers' Prayer Pt.1
Language of Love
Being Single in a Married World
Ananias & Sapphira
It's About Faith
A Persistent People
The Greatest Small Group Ever
Solving Problems and Maintaining Priorities
A Vision of Heaven
Small Group Friends & Acceptance
Baptism - A Matter of the Heart
Small Groups that Shine
Preaching Jesus
Not Far From the Kingdom
A Remarkable Change
The Aroma of Christ
Use What's Been Given to You
Joshua Strong and Courageous
The Joy of Blessing Others
Extra Ordinary Member
One Gospel for All People
A Paradigm Change
Fix Our Eyes On Jesus
Walking by Faith
Great People Make Great Churches
Hearts Filled With Thanksgiving-a
Hearts Filled With Thanksgiving-b
Make An Impression on God
Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
Another miraculous Escape
Faith and Government
Beating Back the Holiday Blues
I Am Willing
Troublesome Times Are Here
Entrusted With the Gospel
The Humble Beginnings of a King
The Difference One Life Can Make
Excuses Won't Work
The Message of the Cross
The God of Glroy 01
The God of Glroy 02
The Tale of Two Parents
The God of Victory
The Sting of Rejection
The God of Blessings (Pt 1)
The Rejected King (Pt.1)
The God of Blessings (Pt.2).
The Rejected King (Pt.2)
Choosing Another King
The God of Wrath
Living By Faith
The Power of His Rising
A Community That Thrives
Finding Strength in Times of Discouragement
Real Life Heroes
Love Does Not Envy
When Life Get's Rough
Called to Belong
Love Always Protects

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