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audio lessons by Carl Mitchell
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Carl Mitchell

The Rich Young Ruler, 1984, 12-16
Telling the World of the Reality of Christ, 1984, 06-29
The Most Sublime Affirmation, 1984, 08-12
Our Purpose In Life, 1984, 09-02
The Importance of the Church in God's Plan, 1984, 12-30
The Rich Young Ruler, 1984, 12-16
The Flesh & The Spirit, 1985, 01-13
Christians Living In A World Of Stress, 1985, 01-20
Don't Cancel Your Reservation, 1985, 02-24
Male and Female Roles in the Home, 1985, 03-15
Why We Go to Church, 1985, 06-23
The Validity of the Restoration Movement, 1985, 06-28
The Cure Is Only For Those Who Accept It, 1985, 06-28
God, The Control Center of Human Life, 1985, 06-30
Prayers For One Another's Sins, 1985, 10-20
The Value of Adversity, 1985, 10-27
The New Birth (2 lsns)
What Happens When We Die?
Dealing with Change 1
Dealing with Change 2
Be Diligent To Add The Following
Servant Leadership
Unless The Lord Builds The House
Fear Of The Lord I
Fear Of The Lord II

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