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Disclaimer: The following information is presented to be a help to you. I know of no error taught in the following links. Due to the volume of material presented and the fact that the material changes, I have not reviewed it all and deem it prudent to acknowledge my limitations and recommend that each reader evaluate the referenced material based on the bible, which is our standard for spiritual truth.

Westark Church of Christ Online Library
An abundance of material. led and/or generated by Mark Copeland.

Focus on Truth
A website which has inspirational video programs with bible teaching.

Are You Really Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?
An interactive Bible study course consisting of 25 lessons.

Are You Worshipping God In Spirit And In Truth?
An interactive Bible study course consisting of 24 lessons.

Truth for the World is a web site with a lot of non-denominational bible teaching material. The information includes:

The Bible Gateway
A web site which provides bible study resources

updated 05/20/2013

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