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audio lessons by Bruce McLarty
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Bruce McLarty

When they ask ?? (10 lessons)
Women Equal With Different Roles (3 lessons)
Jesus Through the Eyes of ? (15 lessons)
Listen to Our Hearts Series - A Celibration of Worship Music (4 lessons)
Lsn 1 - Same Heart, Different Music
Lsn 2 - Behind the (Church) Musi
Lsn 3 -This Music is My Life
Lsn 4 - Can We Sing Your Song

And 91 more !
The Greatest Threat - Colossians
Why We Need Help-Gen 1-4-Lk 19, 1-10
It's All There In The Greeting - Col 1 1-2
Learning Adolescencs from Jesus, Luke 2 41-52
Daring to See The Good in US - Col. 1 3-4
Ansering God's Prayer - Col 1 9-14
Learning Boldness from Christ - Matt 8&9
The Song of Christ - Col 1 15-20
Learning Tenderness from Jesus - Lk 7 36-50
It's That Simple - Col 1 24-2 5
Learning Patience from Jesus - Mk 14 66-72
Lashed to the Cross - Col 2 4-10
What Happened When You Were Baptized - Col 2 9-12
Learning Anger from Jesus - Mk 3,11,15
Nailed to the Cross - Col 2 9-15
Learning Service from Jesus - Matt 20 20-28
ArmsLength Christianity
Conversion Then and Now
Beauty Can Be A Beast
Taming The Beast
How To Have A Great Meeting (Part 1)
In Parables - Mark 4,1-34
Terrified Mark 4,35 - 5,20
Stephen & Dorcas, Models of Ministry, Acts 6 & 9
Fear and Faith, Mark 5,21-23
No Unimportant Members
Why Do We Need Elders?
They Took Offense, Mark 6,1-6
Who Should Lead The Church - Titus 1,5-9
Sent - Mark 6,6-31
Amazed - Mark 6,30-52
What About The Children
Clean - Mark 6,53-7,30
We Will Care For The Children
Ephphatha - Mark 7,31-37
Same Heart, Different Music
Seeing Clearly - Mark 8,1-26
Behind The (Church) Music
Transfigured, Mark 9,2-13
The Road Less Traveled
What's the Big Deal About Adultery
How to be a Great Friend
How Tough Was Your School
The Age-Old Problem of Credit
The Problem With Drinking
Money, Not Too Much, Not Too Little
Ashamed of Jesus
Check Date and Title
How Should I Pray
Why is Philemon in the Bible
Six Keys to A Strong Marriage
Not Just About Me
Even Better As The Years Go By
Sharing Your Faith
I Appeal to You
The Cross of Christ
Confident of Your Obedience
Who Killed Jesus
The Scrolls & Parchments
The Resurrection in Eyes of Mary Magdalene
Reflection on What Endures
A Passion for the Will of God
Decision Making and the Will of God
ArmsLength Christianity
A Transforming PeopleinaConformingWorld
Life with a Mission
Who Needs an Imperfect Church
Why do we NEED the Church
Choose the Lord Again
Love One Another
The Greatest is Love
Remembering Our Story
The Difference Our Story Makes
The Harvest of the Spirit
Taking every thought captive for Christ
Free Indeed
Three Free Men
The Resurrection in Eyes of Mary Magdalene
The Priesthood of All Believers
Encounter at the Well
Daniel - #2 - Pt. 1
Daniel - #2 - Pt. 2
Daniel - #2 - Pt. 3
Encounter at the Well(2)
Relearning the Lesson of Gideon Pt. 1
Relearning the Lesson of Gideon Pt. 2
Living on purpose
Prison Epistle
Encounter at the Well(3)
Encounter at the Well(4)
The Persecution - Great News
Saul Sees the Light - 1
Saul Sees the Light - 2
Saul Sees the Light - 3
Saul Sees the Light - 4
Great News The Macedonial Call
Great News Gospel Comes to Ephesus
Beyond Our Dream
Responseto Appreciation Day
Raising the Next Generation
An Uncommon Commitment
Good News of Great Joy

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