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video Bible lessons
by Jay Lockhart
Jay Lockhart

Love Not The World-I John 1-3

Questions About Last Things (2 lessons)
Baptism The Foundation of Christian Unity (2 lessons)
Have You Ever Been Disapointed With God? (9 lessons)
Questions I Have Been Asked (14 lessons)
The Family of God Series (16 lessons)
Heart of Christian Religion Series (12 lessons)
Surveying the Bible series(33 lessons)
(4th century manuscript)
The Acts of the Apostles Series (23 lessons)
The book of Romans Series (12 lessons)
The book of James Series (26 lessons)

Be aware that video files are much larger than audio files and therefore take longer to download. I have received input, however, that the video lessons are more appropriate for group bible studies which include small churches where they are not blessed with a preacher.

A player capable of playing flash (.flv) files is required to utilize these video files.

Comments or Problems, please send a msg to Any help is very much appreciated.