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Bible lessons (text)
by Jay Lockhart
Jay Lockhart

The following files are in PDF format. To translate them to another language, use the following procedure:
1. Click with the left mouse on the lesson below that you want translated, and then copy the address in the browser address window which opens.
2. Open a new browser window and go to:
3. Paste the address obtained from step 1 in the translate dialog box.
4. Choose the language and select translate. (Be sure to page down after selecting translate.)

After Long and Prayerful Study
Be An Example
Broken and Poured Out
Change Agents
Denying What We Affirm
Felt Needs
Growing A Church
How Should We View Scripture?
Inspired Appeal
Kingdom Living
Matter of Time
Matthew 24
Nonconforming Transformers
Ornan Continued Thresing Wheat
Power of Ideas
Roasted Lamb
Science & Religion
Spiritually Elite
The Needed Revolution
The Powerful Impact of Example
Tough Love
Uncertain Sounds
Where There is Life
Where you are going

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