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limited search capability explained

Select a menu item by clicking on the item with your left mouse, then activate the page by clicking on it with the left mouse. Then to search the page hit "Control f" (hold the control key down and then hit the f key). A box will open at the top of the page and you then type what you want to search for. This will not work on the sub-menus.

help, aid request, & a bit of history

Click with the left mouse on the author under the category of lessons in the menus. The numbers to the right of the author indicates the number of lessons/songs available.

Since there are many links in this library and very time consuming to validate, I would appreciate receiving an email to identifying any broken links or other errors that you notice.

Online lessons in this library began in July 2004 with 12 textual lessons. This has been greatly expanded with additional textual, audio, and video lessons. This library is the primary purpose of this website.

links to web sites with bible study material

some bible material web sites

There is an abundance of web sites that have good bible study material. If you have a favorite and it is not on the links above, send the information on the web site to me at the webmaster email address shown at the bottom of this page.

Comments or Problems, please send a msg to Any help is very much appreciated.