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college church members who have passed on to their reward

This section has been established to honor those members of the college church who have passed on to their reward before us. I will add to the list as information is available to me. If you have a family member who was a member of the college church and you would like included in this section, please provide information about your family member (name, date of death, picture, obituary [text file would be nice], etc.) to the webmaster or to the church office. The copies of the information will be returned to you.

Click on the names which are in color and underlined for additional information.

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Gone Home Date
Ben Berry 08/24/2014
JoAnn Eads 06/09/2014
C. L. Cox 01/06/2011
Charlotte Pigg 07/27/2008
Latina Dykes 05/26/2008
Thomas Formby M. D. 08/12/2006
Linda Hall Belue 03/01/2006
Kenneth Davis, Jr. 03/05/2005
Mildred Bell 02/26/2005
Ruth Ann Corbin 11/02/2004
Barby Smith 08/11/2004
Sue Bucy 05/10/2003
Gertrude Dykes 09/29/2001
Suzanne Spurrier 12/23/1998
Ray Muncy 01/06/1994
John Lee Dykes 06/18/1989
Ica Bailey 07/21/1987
Kandace Muncy 03/07/1983

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