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Biblical Warnings

To the church

A Sobering Question

When the JUDGEMENT comes,
do You want to be with the majority?

Jesus Said

how to aid a sudden cardiac arrest victim

Heart Rescue Now

6 video lessons giving the basics of the church established by Christ and his apostles

Searching for Truth - (also with English subtitles or American Sign Language)

The primary purpose of this website is to provide the following library of sound biblical lessons for those seeking biblical truth:
All of the bible lessons (written, verbal, and video) were developed by scholarly men with common sense and a common agenda to seek and teach biblical truth, i.e. "What does the bible say?".

Free Bible Lessons (multi-language)
World Bible School

Does the Bible forbid all killing? NO, it does not, see article below!

King James Version of the 6th Commandment, "Do not kill" simply means "Do not Murder" -- (more)

Other types of killing not addressed by 6th commandment:

• Killing animals for food or for sacrifice.
• Killing as a means of capital punishment.
• Killing in self defense.
• Killing as a soldier in the armed services.
• Any type of killing other than murder.

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A tremendous learning resource

Kahn Academy - Free Online school offering great learning potential - learn about it

interesting information
pretty/unusual pictures
NASA information
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Growing Old

by Edward A. Guest


Check the "news" for my current activity to update this site. I have a lot of work that I plan to do adding bible lessons. However, I am adding to "restyoureyes" and to "USprob" as good videos/music and good articles are shared with me. Updates are described in "news".

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